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B E A U T Y  & T H E  B E A S T

From the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie LePrince De Beaumont

A monstrous prince. A brave young woman. A withering rose, and the curse that will change their lives. This is BEAUTY AND THE BEAST without the singing teapots.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST premiered at Actors' Playhouse of Georgetown in February of 2016.

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Beauty asked only for a rose. When her father picks one from a seemingly haunted castle and incurs the wrath of its beastly master, Beauty makes a choice that will alter their lives forever. She takes her father's place and becomes prisoner of a volatile beast.

When faced with Beauty's courage and kindness, the beast vows to amend his past behavior.

As the castle and its ghostly inhabitants thrive with Beauty's presence, a slow-burning romance develops between her and the beast. But can Beauty see past the beast's exterior and trust the good she is beginning to see in him?

This adaptation of one of the world's most beloved tales does not shy away from the story's darker roots. It depicts both the good AND the bad in the character's journey to redemption.

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