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Teaser artwork of a candlelit academy library with the text Keep It In The Dark

Hey, Readers!

I am SO EXCITED to share with you that my next book has sold to Tiny Ghost Press for release in December of 2024!

From Publisher's Marketplace:

"Author of Wicked Little Things Justin Arnold's Keep It In The Dark, a YA enemies-to-lovers romance in which a recently turned teen vampire attends an exclusive boarding school as the first openly supernatural student, which would be tricky enough if he wasn't also forced to share a room with the handsome yet begrudging headmaster's son who is harboring a secret of his own."

Keep It In The Dark is the vampire romance I've always wanted to write, and includes so many things that I love: love interests who bicker, crumbling old buildings, autumn leaves, a LOT of low-laying fog, and humor that would pair well with The Addams Family and The Munsters.

If you have ever been the only one like you in the room, or have been villainized for the way you were created, this one is dedicated to you.

Back to writing!


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