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From the story by Hans Christian Andersen

A wicked queen of winter, the boy she has stolen, and the brave young girl who will do anything to save him. This the original tale that inspired Disney's Frozen. 

THE SNOW QUEEN premiered at Red Hen Theatre Company (formerly Actors' Playhouse) in February of 2017.

The Snow Queen: Latest Work


The Snow Queen has shattered an evil mirror and scattered the pieces across the earth, as the shards inflict unfortunate victims who get them in their eyes and hearts.

When shy, sweet 13 year old Kai falls the latest prey to the queen of winter, his best friend Gerda must set out on a journey to save him. As she crosses through each of the seasons, each its own world, each with its own world, she learns what it means to grow up, and what sacrifices we must make for love.

This version of The Snow Queen presents an open way to begin a discussion about growing up with your children. It also deals with tough subjects like depression and grief in an epic and often humorous fantasy adventure.

This script is currently being readied for licensing through Heuer Publishing.

The Snow Queen: Text
The Snow Queen: Pro Gallery
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